Workplace From Facebook Gets New Features To Help Employees Adjust to Their New Home Offices

As more and more people are now working from home amid the coronavirus crisis, Facebook has finally decided to play its role in helping people adapt to change. Collaborative enterprise solution Workplace from Facebook has recently announced some new features for its platform. This decision has been made to meet the needs of the new workforce.

First of all, the company has added a new ‘Draft for’ option that would allow employees to draft posts for executives. The executives can review, approve and publish those posts under their name in an internal company social network. With this feature, Facebook aims to streamline the document drafting and reviewing process in a remote environment, which was otherwise complex.

Workplace from Facebook
Draft For option

Secondly, Facebook has also added the ability to track responses of employees to a series of posts. With the addition of ‘Campaigns’ messaging analytics tool for internal communications, businesses can now track the engagement and sentiment of employees. This feature allows employers to identify how their employees will feel about a specific post, helping to improve internal messaging.

Workplace from Facebook
Track audience reach and engagement with campaigns

In addition, the platform has also announced the addition of a new Safety Alerts feature. The feature gives employers the ability to send standalone safety-related notifications to their employees. However, this capability is scheduled to launch in June this year.

Workplace from Facebook
Safety Check in Workplace

Starting today, Facebook Workplace is rolling out a Q&A posts option for enhancing internal communications. These posts will facilitate employees to address questions in groups. The post format comes with an up and downvote option on comments. The functionality will help you to raise important concerns among employees in particular sessions.

Workplace from Facebook
Understand what’s important to employees with Q&A Posts

Furthermore, there is also a new ‘Care’ Reaction that can be used for internal updates. Facebook announced that this feature will be available in May. Finally, the new profile frames would enable employees to share support for coronavirus affectees.

For those who don’t know, Facebook initially launched its enterprise social platform known as Workplace by Facebook back in 2016. However, in November 2019, the company then rebranded the platform to include other entities such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

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