Facebook Revamps “Life Event” Feature

Live events will now have animated photos and videos

Facebook has now become an integral part of our lives as we share almost anything on the social network. As a result, Facebook continuously strives to bring us new and updated features to improve our experience. The latest change that has been introduced is the change in Life Event feature. People can now share their significant milestones like got a new job, moved to a new city, got engaged, and others.

The main idea is to ensure that such precious moments of life are shared with your loved ones. The feature has been there but has not been given much importance over time. Now, Facebook hs redesigned the Life Event feature for users. This new feature will also ensure that your friends also don’t miss out on any of your important announcements.

Introduction of Photos and Videos

Remembering and sharing important milestones of your life with your friends is important. This is why Facebook now offers the option of including animated videos and photos. If you cannot find any image or video that can go with the occasion, you can select one from Facebook’s art. There is also an option to select photos and videos from the Pages and people that you have tagged. All these photos and videos come with subtle animations like zooming in and out.

Life Event Notifications

Everyone wants to share their life events with their friends. Sharing a milestone on Facebook is also a way to connect with people whom you haven’t connected in a while. To ensure that your friends view your important milestone, Facebook will send a notification to them when there is an important life event. However, there will always be an option available to turn off the notifications.

Highlighted Life Events

Facebook will now highlight your life events in a separate section of your profiles. The life events will get a separate space on a users profile so that such events can be remembered even after years.

The company in a blogpost said that they will start to roll out the new features on its iOS, Android, and desktop in the coming days.

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Facebook Revamps “Life Event” Feature

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