Facebook Ready to Roll Out Three New Dynamic Styles of Ads

Facebook ended its era of cool after it started pushing ads to the final user. We saw in the movie “The Social Network” that adding ads to the site was going to make it lame. Today, ironically though, we see the website loaded with ads. Even while one watches a video, it is abruptly interrupted by an ad in the middle.

On that subject, TechCrunch writes a piece on Facebook’s next step towards using the dynamic style of ads to the platform. According to the article, the company announced three new kinds of interactive, dynamic styles of ads. These are, in no particular order; Polls Ads, Playable Ads AR (Augmented Reality) Ads. While some of these are currently visible on the app currently, the company did showcase them in-depth, in a press conference in New York.

Facebook’s New Ad Game

The New Dynamic Styles of Ads – TechCrunch

Results from various brands such as Vans and E! were shared which indicated growth in the level of reach of content. Not to mention, while these ads have been seen on the app already, the announcement held major changes to the entire ensemble. Firstly the Poll ads which would make a move from Instagram to now the Facebook App. The Playable Ads were just available for game makers but would now be open to all brands and advertising companies. Lastly, the AR Ads would be now in open beta for developers to test and tweak around with. According to Facebook’s Cheif Creative Officer, Mark D’Arcy, this would be a good source for advertisers to push their brand on. The interactive nature would be native to the site or app and therefore would be lighter and users will not be redirected to an external web page to work with them.

Finally, regarding the privacy issue, Facebook ensured certain things that would keep users’ mind at peace. For Polls, the average of the results would be taken and shared with the companies, not individual data, as to push these to those users. In the case of AR Ads, images taken would not be shared with the advertisers.

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Facebook Ready to Roll Out Three New Dynamic Styles of Ads

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