Facebook Introduces a Dedicated Gaming Hub to Its Android App to Challenge YouTube and Twitch

Facebook announced today that it is adding a new dedicated ‘Gaming Tab’ to Facebook for Android. Facebook says that the number of viewers and creators for the gaming community has been on the rise, hence this new feature is supposed to help users easily engage with the content surrounding the gaming niche.

The new Gaming Tab is supposed to provide for three major requirements: Playing games, Watching gaming content and Connecting with gaming groups. This new tab will be available in the main navigation bar in Facebook’s Android app. Other than playing games with friends, users can watch videos from friends, streamers and any trending content in general.

Gaming Tab on Facebook for Android

The roll-out of the new Gaming Hub will take a slow path globally. “We’ll start rolling out the Facebook Gaming tab to a small subset of the more than 700 million people who enjoy gaming on Facebook each month. Over time, we’ll expand access to more gaming enthusiasts. People who don’t see the tab in their main navigation bar can find it by going to the Bookmarks menu.”

The addition of the new gaming-focused element was pretty much expected after Facebook’s recent actions promoting Facebook Gaming. Facebook also reported they are working on a new Facebook Gaming app for android which will be centered around feedback received from the users.

Facebook plans to compete with mainstream gaming and streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. With a user base of more than 700M, it clearly has enough assets to gain a huge head-start.

Sahas Arya
A fellow gamer and a redditor. When not gaming i can be found binge-watching thriller shows on Netflix.