Facebook Integrates Messenger & Instagram To Allow Easier Messaging Between The Two Platforms

Of course, a platform, after its inception, evolves a whole awful lot. Then we see companies actually acquiring other platforms to fill in the gaps they cannot fill otherwise. We saw Facebook acquire Instagram and Whatsapp like this. While both the services are different in their regard, they have rendered Facebook’s Messenger app quite redundant.

The Update Screen via The Verge

Now, we see from a recent upgrade from the company that we can go over with reference to an article from The Verge. According to the article, some people have reported an update on their Instagram apps. What this update signifies is that users may have a new way to interact with their friends in the DMs for Instagram. This is part of a bigger update which gives a new look to the messages, gives an option to reply to specific messages and not to mention, more colourful chats altogether. Once a user updates to the new layout, he or she can see that the DM icon on the top right of the Instagram is replaced by a messenger app. Perhaps, eventually, your messages would reach users on Facebook right from the Instagram app.

This is all going according to plan for Facebook. This is a way to create more convenience for the end-user. With three apps on their phones with people sharing and or sending different things on them, it gets cluttered. Facebook plans to integrate Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger into one platform. This would obviously take time and it would be done in stages and steps and this new subtle integration is just that. Perhaps, Facebook would want to amalgamate a messaging app into one for all the three platforms.

Sarmad Burki
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Facebook Integrates Messenger & Instagram To Allow Easier Messaging Between The Two Platforms

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