Facebook Brings More functionality To WhatsApp – New Sticker Feature Showed Off In Recent Leak

Whatsapp has been around for as long as the trend of “Internet Messengers” has begun, even kickstarting the trend at the largest scale and capitalizing on the business first. It has inspired a lot of different knockoffs since the starting days and very honestly a lot of those knockoffs had more features than Whatsapp ever did if not better, Whatsapp had the advantage of early adoption, it was hard for users to convert to another such messenger just due to the fact everyone they knew used Whatsapp so they never had anyone to compete with much.

WhatsApp has always been a very clean messenger without any fuss, but now it’s starting to change a bit, and that is highlighted by the fact that Whatsapp is only bringing features like the Dark Mode and Stickers now.

Stickers have existed in Internet Messengers for a very long time with applications like Hike using them as their sole selling point for a while.

Whatsapp finally following up to the trend has decided to bring them to their messaging app as suggested by the leak from @WABetaInfo on Twitter from this tweet-

From the tweet, the newly added sticker pack is called Biscuit which contains stickers based around different expressions conveyed by ‘a playful pup’ which looks more like a fox. Stickers usually are based around different images of a character conveying different expressions, moods, activities etc.

On the bar under the typing area, are a few different sticker packs you can pick from other than Biscuit, which all look like a dinosaur, a boy, a yellow round avatar(I really don’t know what that’s supposed to be), a Monkey and a Dog in the end, with a sign to add more which I believe should be more downloadable packs.


Sticker Options On WhatsApp
Sticker Options Source – WABetaInfo

With these new features, like options to put up Snapchat like statuses, newly talked about “dark mode”, and now the the sticker thing, it seems WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook is finally starting to influence the messenger.


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