WhatsApp Users Can Face A Permanent Ban For Getting Banned On Facebook

The family of Facebook messaging applications is an essential part of billions of people around the world. More specifically, WhatsApp alone has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users who use the platform for personal and business purposes.

However, have you ever thought about losing our WhatsApp accounts without any prior notice? Facebook has started imposing a new block on some users that could turn out a major issue for WhatsApp fans. The chat app is blocking people from using WhatsApp who got banned on Facebook a few days ago.

WhatsApp users on Reddit stated that creating two Facebook accounts proved to be expensive for them.

Today i got a message saying you’re banned on whats app, and the only reason i can think of cause i got banned on Facebook a week ago, and all i did created two accounts on Facebook, so what a garbage company Facebook has become, not to give a warning for such violation, and to give a ban on different app with different rules.

The problem seems to impact only those users who used email accounts or phone numbers linked with their primary Facebook account to create another one. WhatsApp — which is a Facebook-owned company is obviously able to detect when a new account is created using existing details.

If you are one of those, then there is a possibility that you may notice a permanent ban on another app or perhaps one of those apps. Consequently, WhatsApp users can no longer access their chat history, which is alarming especially if you a WhatsApp Business.

Unfortunately, there is no official word from the company, neither it is providing any support on moving back to the chat app. However, the only solution is to avoid keeping important files in related account accounts that can be blocked at any time without any notice.

Besides the aforementioned reason, there are many other situations that might force WhatsApp to ban your account. It is better to keep an eye on WhatsApp’s Terms of Service page to avoid breaking rules.

Do you know someone in your social circle who noticed a similar issue on WhatsApp? Let us know in the comments section below.

Alex Schoff
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WhatsApp Users Can Face A Permanent Ban For Getting Banned On Facebook

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