Facebook App To Stop Functioning On Windows 10 As It Will Be Retired At The End Of This Month

Facebook made a rather surprising decision pertaining to its application on Windows 10. The social media giant has been personally informing some users of the official Facebook app that the same will stop functioning at the end of this month. Interestingly, Facebook had recently deployed a new app that had replaced the old Messenger app, strongly indicating that the other apps could continue working.

Facebook app for Windows 10 will no longer work from March 2020. The social media company that also owns WhatsApp and Instagram, has been sending emails to users of the official Facebook app for Windows 10. The email contains details that indicate the official Facebook app will stop functioning at the end of this month.

Facebook To Retire Official Windows 10 App On February 28, 2020:

The official Facebook app that worked on Windows 10, wasn’t one of them actively maintained and updated ones. In fact, the app appeared to be an added service that Facebook was running. The rather cumbersome and rudimentary app appeared to function as a standalone window. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Facebook has decided to shutter the official Facebook app for Windows 10.

It is, however, rather surprising that Facebook is personally informing active users of the official Facebook app. Instead of a public announcement, Facebook has been sending a message to active users of the Windows 10 app informing them of their intention to discontinue the app. Although the Windows 10 app never managed to garner a lot of traction, it is still surprising how soon and unceremoniously the social media company is terminating the same.

The personalized email reads as follows:

Since you use Facebook for Windows desktop app, we wanted to make sure you’re aware this app will stop working on Friday, February 28, 2020. You can still access all of your friends and favorite Facebook features by logging in through your browser at www.facebook.com.

For the best experience, make sure you’re using the most current version of our supported browsers including the new Microsoft Edge.

You can still access Messenger through the Facebook website or by logging in through your browser at www.messenger.com. If you prefer a desktop app for your conversations, try the new Messenger for Windows which you can download now in the Microsoft Store.

Thank you for using Facebook for Windows desktop app,

The Facebook Team

Facebook Won’t Offer A Replacement To The Official Windows 10 App, Relying Only On The Official Website:

Although Facebook hasn’t openly confirmed, the company will merely terminate the official app for Windows 10. In other words, the company doesn’t appear ready to offer a viable or working replacement. As indicated by the email’s content, the only alternative to Facebook app users is to head over the Facebook Website and log-in from any updated browser to access the platform.

Facebook had recently replaced its old Messenger UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app with a new Electron app. Hence it was expected that the company might just offer an updated UWP or standalone app that allows secure access to the platform. However, it seems when it comes to the full Facebook app the company wants to simply direct users to their website.

Some experts have questioned why isn’t Facebook offering a PWA (Progressive Web App). It is indeed a necessity and quite a viable option for the social media company. However, with browsers becoming quite secure and reliable with the ability to push desktop notifications, Facebook might have concluded that the official website would work just as well as an app, which essentially mimics the website’s functionality.

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Facebook App To Stop Functioning On Windows 10 As It Will Be Retired At The End Of This Month

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