Exynos 9820 Beats the Snapdragon 855 in Leaked GeekBench Scores, Almost Matches Apple’s A12 Bionic

Samsung has been in the smartphone game for quite long and their experience clearly shows in the well-designed flagship Galaxy S phones. Their flagship phones are often praised for their top-notch displays among other things but their in-house Exynos processors don’t get the same love. This is expected as even the best Exynos chips have been inferior to their competing 800 series chips from Snapdragon. But that can change this year as a new Geekbench score leak of the Exynos 9820 suggests a big performance leap.

Exynos 9820 – What we Know

This will be Samsung’s flagship chip for 2019 and will debut with the Galaxy S10. The Exynos 9820 will be an octa-core chip in a tri-cluster arrangement, with two Cortex-A75 cores, two custom cores, and four Cortex-A55 cores.

There will be an Integrated Neural Processing Unit to accelerate AI workloads. The Exynos 9820 will be Samsung’s first 8nm FinFET chip and it will be paired with the Mali G76 MP12 GPU. Integrated network modem also gets an upgrade with added support for LTE Category 20, offering downlink speed of up to 2.0Gbps and uplink speed of up to 316Mbps.

New GeekBench Scores

The Exynos 9820 looks great on paper, but that might not translate to real-world performance. This GeekBench score can give us a great insight into the potential performance of the chip when it launches with the Galaxy S10.

GeekBench scores Source – Wccftech

It gets a Single-Core Score of 4472 and a Multi-Core Score of 10387. This comes very close to numbers posted by the A12 Bionic from Apple, which generally has a Single-Core Score of 4800 and Multi-Core Score of 11500. Although these scores absolutely smoke the Snapdragon 845, which often gets a  Single-Core Score of 2500 and multi-core score of 8500.

We also reported on leaked GeekBench scores of the Snapdragon 855 a while back.  That received a Single-Core Score of 3900 and a Multi-Core Score of 10500. Given the leaks are accurate, it seems Samsung has covered a lot of ground to make the Exynos a worthy competitor. But take this with a grain of salts as final scores often wary from such leaks.

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