Experience Virtual Reality Multiplayer Combat in Jar Wars at RTX 2018

Jar Wars is a four-player virtual reality arcade game developed by FarCade. The company, known for their innovative games that promote multiplayer, bring their game to RTX 2018 at the Austin Convention Center. From now until August 5th, fans can join the fun in the “ultimate brain-jar battle simulator.”

Jar Wars

First announced in 2017, Jar Wars captures the spirit of old fashioned multiplayer 2v2 team combat in a spectacular way. Co-created by FarCade and Taco Illuminati, Jar Wars was revealed at Fantastic Arcade last year.

“We wanted to create a game that breeds a fun, competitive environment,” said Damon Chandler, Lead Developer of FarCade. “Laser tag is a really good analogy because you have that group dynamic that’s skillful and fun. People who’ve never even tried VR before all the way to veterans have had fun playing the game with each other.”

The game is set in the future, where the Earth has been destroyed at the hand of mankind and only two factions remain, the traditionalists and the futurists. Both factions have opted for the cheaper option to extract the brains of soldiers and implant them into robotic jars. In this fast paced robotic jar battle simulator, players are able to wield a myriad of weapons and fight for territory on the Moon. Up to four players can access weapons and gadgets ranging from boxing gloves to rocket launchers and even energy shields.

This trailer for the arcade game gives us a preview of Jar Wars:

At RTX 2018, players have the opportunity to experience Jar Wars. Numerous game modes and a variety of weapons will be at your disposal, allowing you to learn the game and get a feel for the controls. The RTX 2018 event is currently being hosted in Austin and Jar Wars runs every day of the convention starting on August 3rd.

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Experience Virtual Reality Multiplayer Combat in Jar Wars at RTX 2018

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