Exclusive OnePlus 6T Camera Comparison By Tech YouTuber, Get Your Guessing Game On Point

One Plus 6T, the next flagship device from OnePlus will be unveiled tomorrow and the company has done a good job keeping the device as secretive as they can, especially when it comes to the camera and while I’m sure that it won’t be anything that would underperform when compared to its competitors such as the Google Pixel and the Apple iPhone, not knowing a thing about it has had people guessing for weeks now.

Along these lines comes a very compelling YouTuber – Jonathan Morrison, who had the pleasure of trying the device out and giving us viewers a really interesting challenge in his latest video.

Jonathan took the same photos from 4 different devices to do a blind comparison test between the OnePlus 6T, iPhone Xs Max, Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Note 9. He posted these comparison images on his Twitter as well as his YouTube video without telling the viewers which one is which and while we are not sure, we can at least stick along the guessing majority and do our best to figure out which are the samples from the One Plus 6T.


Now let’s step on the gas and go straight onto the comparison and guesswork.

OnePlus 6T Camera Comparison
Source – Jonathan Morrison YouTube
OnePlus 6T Camera Comparison
Source – Jonathan Morrison

Right off the bat, I’m sure most of us can tell that the 4th one or the images labeled ‘D’ are the ones from the iPhone Xs Max. All these images dial out the shadows and produce an overall flatter image as well as the warm and soft skin selfies and I’m sure we can all agree on this one.

After watching various detailed explanations on the Pixel 3’s camera, which I personally think is one of the best cameras to come out in a smartphone ever, we can positively say that the 1st images in the sets or ones labeled as ‘A’ are shot from the Pixel 3. The clarity and the realism to these photos are what Google had promised in their device and while a lot of people prefer the latest iPhone’s approach to photos, it just doesn’t get that natural look, like in a picture with the Pixel 3.

This leaves us with 2 options to chose from to guess which are the samples from the 6T and frankly speaking, we are as confused as everyone. The images were taken in different lighting and under different circumstances so this makes it a hard call, but being a OnePlus 6 owner, my guess would be that the images categorized under B are the ones from the 6T.

OnePlus 6T’s keynote is less than 24 hours away, we can finally have more insight on the entire phone from OnePlus and know more about their latest phone.

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