Exciting Details on Upcoming Open-World Harry Potter Game: May Launch Later Next Year

It has been quite some time since we have seen a Harry Potter game. While the franchise has been dormant since the release of its last film back in 2011, the fans hold it close to their heart even today. We can recall playing Lego versions of the Harry Potter games and to be quite honest, those weren’t the best possible experiences. Now though, there has been a lot of talk about a new, open-world Harry Potter game. A tweet from Nibel which picks its source from Bloomberg dives into


The AAA title of Harry Potter is said to be developed by Avalanche Software. The title is unnamed as of now but it is said to be an open-world game. This means that users would get the freedom to actually explore the magical world that has blessed their screens for more than ten years. Not to mention, the article adds the detail that J.K Rowling would not be directly involved. Now, this depends on how one perceives it. Usually, games have a different dynamic than films and perhaps the directors probably consulted with the story. Nothing is for sure though.

While people may be psyched to read about this title, sorry to burst your bubble but this isn’t coming out anytime soon. According to the article, the company would reveal the game sometime after DC Fandom. It is still unknown when the exact game would be revealed but we have a vague timeline. As for the release, they added, the game would be released sometime next year (the latter part). Perhaps the game would be more focused and designed for the next-gen consoles.


Sarmad Burki

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