Evolve’s dedicated servers are shutting down

Legacy Evolve allows online play using peer-to-peer

Evolve, the 4v1 shooter by Turtle Rock, will soon be having its dedicated servers shutdown. After Turtle Rock Studios ended support for the game a while ago, publisher 2K Games took over. Earlier, 2K made a post announcing the server shutdown, which will occur in two stages.

Server Shutdown

On 2nd July 2018, the virtual currency bundles will be removed from Evolve Stage 2 and will no longer be available for purchase. This leaves players plenty of time to spend their in-game and virtual currency. 2K states that players will retain purchased downloadable content such as Monsters, Skins and Hunters. If you want to nab a souvenir for yourself, Gold and Silver keys will be available to purchase until July 2nd, and can be used to purchase content until the in-game store shutdown on September 3rd.

On September 3rd, 2018, the dedicated servers will be taken offline. You can still play the game, but with considerably less features than before. After the shutdown, players can continue playing ‘Legacy Evolve’. To access Legacy Evolve, console players will need to normally launch the game, whereas PC players have to jump through a few hoops. 2K has detailed step-by-step instructions available here, but basically you need to select an alternate option under the Steam beta tab of Evolve.

Legacy Evolve

In Legacy Evolve, Hunt (Ranked) will not be available but regular Hunt can be accessed via Quick play and Custom games. Player profile data, news feeds, player badges, and the leaderboards will no longer be updated.

However, peer-to-peer multiplayer allows players to party-up and participate in matches. The following features can be accessed using peer-to-peer matchmaking:

  • Quick Play
  1. Hunt
  2. Nest
  3. Arena
  4. Rescue
  5. Defend
  • Evacuation
  • Custom Games
  • My2K Login Access
  • Access to all hunters, monsters, purchased DLC, skins & player badges

If you have purchased Evolve, not the free to play Evolve Stage 2, you will have access to Legacy Evolve. Otherwise, you can’t do much other than say your goodbyes before the server shutdown.


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Evolve’s dedicated servers are shutting down

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