Evolve dev discusses the many problems that led to its downfall

Recently, publisher 2K Games announced that the Evolve dedicated servers will be shutting down. After Turtle Rock Studios shut down development on the game, Evolve was handed over to 2K Games. Many features of the game will be unavailable following the final server shutdown in September. Matt Colville, developer of Evolve, gave his insight via Reddit as to why Evolve was unable to succeed.

Colville believes that the game was victim to a multitude of problems, mostly caused by the core mechanic of the game: 4v1. He says that it caused “more problems that we ever imagined, and we didn’t really have a team to make a competitive shooter.” These problems started off as early as pitching Evolve to a publisher. Due to the nature of the game, it was very difficult to please publishers. “It has to have something they can put on the back of the box that separates your game from every other game.”

According to Colville, even though the team “100% believed” in Evolve, they faced a hard time finding a publisher. “No one would pay us to make that game.”

“Well, 4v1 was awesome. It sounded awesome, everyone loved it, we prototyped it, and it worked. Sort of. A friend of mine said very early, and I think he was right “the reason it works is because we’re all roleplaying playing Evolve.” In other words, we all knew how we WISHED the game would work, and so that’s how we played it.”

Post-launch, the developers faced even more issues while supporting the game. Content updates were difficult to implement for many reasons. “It meant all new content was a colossal pain to implement, forget balance, just implement. Just take this cool idea for a hero or a monster, and implement it. Super hard. Because there was always some other hero or monster ability that borked your stuff.”

Another issue that can be blamed for Evolve’s failure was it’s insane launch price of $60. Colville explains that Evolve is the best experience when played with friends, as cooperating with your team is essential for survival. “Because getting your friends to spend a total of $240 on a game (and you already spent $60 remember) is a hard **** sell.”

Keeping all these problems in mind, it’s pretty obvious why Evolve was unsuccessful. Even so, a lot of players bought the game and the banded together to form a fairly large community. Colville has discussed and explained many problems with the game in great detail on Reddit.

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Evolve dev discusses the many problems that led to its downfall

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