Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides

Rainbow Six Siege’s final season of the year was officially revealed today during the pro league finals in Japan. In addition to two new operators, operation Shifting Tides brings forth numerous quality of life changes, including an entire map rework. Here’s everything you need to know about Six’s newest operators, Kali and Wamai.


Equipped with a one of a kind bolt-action sniper rifle, Kali is two-speed two-armor attacker of Indian origins. Her CSRX 300 primary weapon is heavy-hitting and long range, capable of injuring operators with one bullet to the chest. In addition, the rifle’s bullets can penetrate multiple doors, walls, and even operators. Its extreme power is offset by a long reload and slow aim down sight speed, though the ability to swap between a 5x and 12x scope still makes the CSRX 300 one of Siege’s strongest weapons.

Kali’s gadget is the LV Explosive Lance. These projectiles burrow into surfaces before detonating and neutralizing any gadgets in proximity. Kali carries 3 of these devices, and each can be used to take out batteries, evil eyes, jammers, shields, and even barbed wire.

Kali Loadout
Kali Loadout


Similar to how Kali is an alternate to Thatcher, Wamai is the second post-launch defender to rival Jager. The Kenyan operator carries throwable Mag-Net sticky devices which regenerate throughout the round, just like Lesion’s Gu mines. Once deployed, the gadget captures any incoming attacker projectiles. Then, it resets their detonation timer and proceeds to detonate the captured projectile.

The Mag-Net gadget denies frag, stun, and smoke grenades. All other projectiles such as Gridlock’s Trax Stingers, Capitao’s fire and smoke bolts, and even Kali’s LV Explosive Lance are affected by Wamai’s gadget. Each Mag-Net affects one projectile, after which both gadgets are neutralized.

Wamai Loadout
Wamai Loadout

Theme Park Rework

Theme Park, a map added in Operation Blood Orchid, is the latest to receive a full rework. In addition to a full face lift, the map saw changes in three major areas:

  1. Train area removed to promote better navigation.
  2. Haunted area transformed into a throne room and armory.
  3. New entryways and walkways added, whilst some others removed.

Operation Shifting Tides goes live on the Rainbow Six Siege test server on Monday November 11th.

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Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides

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