European Law Enforcement Agency Goes After Users Of Major DDoS Platform

Europol cracked down the illegal platform last year

Europol cracked down illegal marketplace last year. The site was known as one of the booster sites that launched distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The authorities found information regarding the 151,000 registered users of the website. And now Europol is all set to go after these registered users with actions underway to crack them down.

According to the law enforcement agency, actions are currently underway in collaboration with the Dutch and UK police. In the United Kingdom alone, police have seized up to 60 personal electronic devices from users. The devices have been seized by the police as part of the Operation Power OFF. Action and live operation against other users is expected to continue by the law enforcement agency.

Europol Plans Crackdown Against Webstresser Users

The Europol has said that about 250 users of will soon face the action as well. The law enforcement agencies are now on a mission to wipe off DDoS platforms so they can’t cause any damage in the future. Currently, all the levels i.e. small and big platforms of DDoS platforms are under the radar of the law enforcement agencies.

The DDoS attacks are now an easy way to disrupt the internet causing damage of millions of dollars. Recently a 30-year old hacker was sentenced to 3 years in prison for carrying out a DDoS attack. The hacker carried out an attack on Liberia’s mobile company. This attack brought down the internet access of the entire country causing damages of millions of dollars.

In order to curb such DDoS attacks, different countries are now joining hands in order to fight it off. Some of the countries that have come together to fight against DDoS attacks include the United States, Australia, France, Germany, Belgium, and others. Thus, it is about time that law enforcement agencies start a proper crackdown against platforms that are facilitating the DDoS attacks.

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