Europa Universalis IV Dharma Content Pack Out Now

Today, Paradox Interactive launched the latest expansion to the empire building game Europa Universalis IV. Titled Dharma, the new expansion pack brings loads of new content to the game and updates existing mechanics. As evident from its name, the Dharma content pack is all about India, although non-Indian nations also received changes.


The backstory of the expansion follows Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias when he discovered a sea route to India in 1488. This led to the start of a successful trade empire between the Indian sub-continent and European nations. Trading merchants would follow this route and deal in spices, silk, and diamonds.

Players can start up their trade and charter companies in India and zones in Africa and Asia. Development of trade centers can be invested in which will in turn increase the bonuses earned. One of the biggest changes in the Dharma expansion is the rework of the policy system. While the changes to the policies will be free for everyone, owners of the expansion pack will receive ‘special bonuses’. The powerful Mughal Empire can get a piece of the pie and become a part of the new cultures easily. New Indian mission trees, featuring multiple unique mission paths for the Indian kingdoms, have been added. The Indian estate system received some changes as part of a free update, resulting in more choice in political decisions.

Dharma also adds many other small features, such as new ways to suppress rebellions, monsoon season, new achievements, multiplayer teams and a bunch of new artwork. Another content pack, which adds adviser portraits, new music, a new Indian army and war elephant models, is also available.

Europra Universalis IV: Dharma is available now alongside the free Mughals update. The Dharma expansion pack retails for $19.99 USD on Steam or the Paradox Store. Europa Universalis: IV is available on PC via Steam with a 75% discount until September 10th.

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Europa Universalis IV Dharma Content Pack Out Now

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