Eugen Systems Reveals The Real Reason Behind Staff Layoffs

Last month in December, Paris-based game developer Eugen Systems fired six employees. At the time, reports claimed that the workers were fired because of a strike protesting unfair pay policies. Today, Eugen Systems released a statement in which they revealed the real reasoning behind the layoffs.

Eugen Systems

Founded in 2000, the French video game developer is responsible for Steel Division: Normandy ’44 and the Wargame series. In a statement shared with yesterday, Eugen Systems cleared up the air by responding to the allegations.

“Eugen Systems has had to take action against employees who used a professional tool for an inappropriate purpose. What we have discovered, in the presence of a bailiff (in order to guarantee compliance with the procedure and in absence of individual character or privacy), is against our values and our corporate culture,” the statement reads. As any employer, we have an obligation to prevent situations that could be prejudicial to our employees’ health and safety, therefore we have been forced to make a decision accordingly.”

The statement does not dive into the specifics of the violation. It claims that one out of the six involved people did not partake in the strike. This directly contradicts a statement released by the Videogame Workers Union of France last week, which states that all six employees were involved in the strike. Eugen Systems’ statement goes on to clarify that the layoffs were not linked to the workers’ strike.

We have fully respected our employees’ right to strike, and our team still comprises those who were on strike, including one employee who has since been promoted to a managerial position. Our team currently counts 26 employees and will continue growing in the coming weeks.”

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Eugen Systems Reveals The Real Reason Behind Staff Layoffs

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