Escape From Tarkov patch 0.9 adds the first boss, The Dealbreaker

Battlestate Games’ online multiplayer first person shooter just received another update. While Escape From Tarkov has been in closed beta for a while, every update brings it closer to the full release. Patch 0.9 aims to bring more content to the game by adding a new character as well as non-lethal grenades.

The Dealmaker

Skavs, slang for scavengers, are aggressive NPC characters in Escape From Tarkov. The first of many bosses to join the Skav lineup is the Dealmaker. Bosses will be a new series of characters who will be more “complex and thoughtful” when compared to the regular NPCs.

The Dealmaker boss features distinct leadership qualities and can keep his party of Skavs in check. While he tends to avoid fair fights, the Dealmaker can change positions and react to enemy actions in close combat relatively well. “In case of heavy casualties they can rally other Skavs to their assistance, and tend to use a more advanced combat equipment,” reads the update post. The Dealmaker and his entourage can be spotted in the dorm blocks or in the vicinity of the gas station at the Customs.

Stun and Smoke Grenades

Another part of update 0.9 is the addition of non-lethal grenades. The Russian versions of stun and smoke grenades have been added, with their Western counterparts coming later down the road. Smoke grenades aim to make the gameplay more “diverse and immersive” by blocking off line of sights, both indoors and outdoors.


With team based combat growing in Escape From Tarkov, players needed a reliable way to distinguish friendly soldiers from enemies. Players can now choose between a variety of coloured armbands for their character.

Nvidia Highlights

Nvidia’s game integration of its popular Share feature has made its way to Escape From Tarkov. Players who have the supported hardware can now use Nvidia Highlights to record intense firefights.

“With this patch we have added to the game approximately 50 new weapon mods and 30 new items, 14 new trader quests, and made numerous changes, fixes and improvements,” said Nikita Buyanov, the head of the Battlestate Games. “Also, our programmers continuously work on performance optimization which gradually furthers the game to the next stage – open beta testing.”

Battlestate Games said that Escape From Tarkov will be entering an open beta test phase soon. They also teased a “major game event” that will be occurring shortly.

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Escape From Tarkov patch 0.9 adds the first boss, The Dealbreaker

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