Fix: Error Code -505 on Android Phones

Many users who updated to Lollipop (Android 5.0) reported having the error code “-505” while installing new applications. The error basically arises due to compatibility issues and not all but some apps, while getting installed start giving you the dreaded error pop-up which never seems to go away. Are you facing this issue too? Well then we have got some fixes for you to try out:

Method 1: For Users with Multi Users Enabled

For many of the users that had “multi-user” enabled on their smartphones, the error arose because of the issue “INSTALL_FAILED_DUPLICATE_PERMISSION”. If you too have multiple users on your Android 5.0 smartphone, follow these steps:

Log in to your device via the guest account.

Go to Settings and then the Application manager.

Check and see if the application that you are trying to install is present in the list of installed applications. If yes, click on it.

Now click on Uninstall

Now restart your phone, log in with your main user and try installing the application again.

The application should now easily get installed. If however you didn’t have multiple users on your smartphone and are still facing the issue, we have another small fix that might be applicable for you.

Method 2: Duplicate Signed Permissions

This method is only applicable for users with an advanced level of debugging and development expertise. Another situation when this error can arise is when the application being installed has common signed permissions with another application that is installed on your device with a different package name. If your application on the play store used to work before the update (the common permission issue wasn’t present before Lollipop) then this is quite possibly the case with you. Follow these steps:

Examine the trace/log while the installation takes place from Google Play and as soon as the error pops-up, you should be able to see the signed permission that’s duplicate.

Once you find the faulty permission (for the sake of example let’s say it’s something like:

<permission android:name=”<old package>.permission.X_ACTIVITY”

 android:protectionLevel=”signature” />), change it to:

<permission android:name=”<new package>.permission. X_ACTIVITY”

 android:protectionLevel=”signature” />

Try installing the application again.

Method 3: For Mac Users

Open the Terminal. Go to the Applications folder and then the Utilities folder to do so.

Type this command: cd ADT/sdk/platform-tools and press enter.

Now type this command ./adb uninstall testpackage [Enter your package name instead of testpackage]and press enter

This should allow you to uninstall the appl. Remember to not add the “-k” flag while uninstalling to prevent the deletion of cache and data directories.

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Fix: Error Code -505 on Android Phones

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