Fix: Error 80860010 on a Lumia

Error 80860010 is just one of the errors to which Lumia 630 users are vulnerable. This Store-related error impedes the user’s ability to download or update applications from the Store. Whenever the user queues an application for download, the process fails and the Lumia 630 displays error 80860010. Being unable to download new applications or update existing ones on your Lumia 630 can prove highly troublesome. Fortunately, you can resolve error 80860010 on your own. The following are the most effective methods to fix error 80860010 on a Lumia 630:

Method 1: Make sure that your phone has the right date and time,

Often, an incorrect time and date on your Lumia 630 can cause error 80860010. To fix this error, adjust the time and date settings on your Lumia 630.

Go to Settings.

Tap on time + date.

Make sure that the Set automatically option is turned off,

Set the right time and date.

Also make sure that the Lumia 630 has the right language and region set.

Restart the device, and you should be able to successfully download apps from the Store once the device boots up.

Method 2: Try logging back into your Microsoft account.

The Lumia 630 may sometimes log the user out of their Microsoft account, which can prevent them from downloading any apps from the Store and result in an 80860010 error. If this occurs, simply log back into the Microsoft account and restart the phone. This will resolve the issue, allowing seamless and successful downloads of applications from the Store.

Method 3: Perform a Soft Reset

Performing a soft reset on a Lumia device is an excellent way to eliminate any and all errors and issues. There are few Lumia-related problems that a soft reset cannot fix, which is why it’s considered a reliable method to rectify error 80860010 on a Lumia 630. To execute a soft reset on a Lumia 630, simply press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons until the device reboots. Once the device has booted up, it should be free of error 80860010.

Method 4: Perform a Hard Reset

If all of the methods above (including the Soft Reset) don’t work, your only remaining option is to perform a Hard Reset on your Lumia 630 and then set your Microsoft account up all over again. Performing a Hard Reset may be a bit extreme, but this solution’s chances of fixing error 80860010 are impressively high. A Hard Reset will wipe all data off your Lumia 630, so be sure to back any and all valuable data up before you proceed.

Go to Settings.

Tap on About,

Tap on Reset your phone,

Follow the onscreen instructions and confirm the action whenever you are prompted to do so.

Wait for the Lumia 630 to be reset and rebooted, and once it boots up, set it up from scratch. The Lumia 630 should now also be free of error 80860010.


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