FIX: Error 0x80048051 on Xbox

The 0x80048051 Error on Xbox can appear for a number of reasons but it’s often related to a server issue or connection interruption between your Xbox console and the Xbox servers. The error message will most often appear when a user attempts to sign into the Xbox Live service. If you would like to resolve this issue, please follow the methods we have listed below.

The first step is to check the servers, and once you have determined whether the servers are up and running, you can attempt to fix the issue with other methods.

Check The Xbox Server Status

Whilst this is not an immediate fix, it can tell you whether there is anything that can be done on your end or if it’s something that you’ll need to wait for Microsoft to fix. The 0x80048051 Error on Xbox can appear when the Microsoft servers are playing up, so it’s important to check their status.

To check the Xbox server status, head to Make sure to come back here after for more information.


On the server status page you can view the server status for all of the Xbox services and many other Xbox One and Xbox 360 apps. If you have found that any of the main services are currently offline or experiencing problems, or if an app you are using is offline, you will unfortunately not be able to resolve the issue immediately.

At this point the issue can only be resolved by Microsoft themselves – it’s something that they’ll be working hard on, so the best thing you can do is be patient and keep an eye on the link provided above and on the Xbox support Twitter account.

If the servers are up and running you will need to follow the next steps to resolve the issue manually.

Quick Restart

It’s been reported by many Xbox users and by the Xbox support team that the best way to resolve the 0x80048051 Error if the servers are up and running is to restart or power cycle your Xbox console. In this method we’ll be explaining to you how to quickly restart your Xbox. If you follow the guide below and the issue is still not resolved, make sure to try out method three afterwards.

Visit the Settings Menu on your Xbox Console

Visit System Settings

Choose the Language & Location Option

Select ‘Restart Now


This is one of the quickest ways to restart your Xbox One and it can resolve the 0x80048051 Error in most cases.

Full Power Cycle

If method 2 did not work for you and the 0x80048051 Error is still causing you problems, you may need to complete a full power cycle of your Xbox One console and your home network. This will involve shutting down and restarting your console and your internet. Follow the steps below to complete a full power cycle.

Switch off your modem/router and all related equipment for your internet and unplug the power cable(s)

Wait 10 minutes

Next, plug in your router or related equipment used to connect to your internet and switch it back on

Wait for the internet to turn back on

Verify that your internet connection is working by testing the connection on another device

Once the internet is working again, visit the Settings menu on your Xbox console

Select System Settings

Choose the Language and Location Option

Select ‘Restart Now

This should resolve the 0x80048051 Error. Because the error relates to a network issue, it’s important to note that whilst this should resolve the error, in the chance that it still persists, you should review your firewall settings, your home network connection and troubleshoot the connection to your Xbox One via the system settings menu.

Change the DNS Settings of Your Xbox

Your Xbox might show the error 0x80048051 if the DNS server of your network is failing to resolve the web addresses of Microsoft servers or games. In this case, changing the DNS settings of your Xbox to OpenDNS (or Google DNS) may solve the problem.

  1. Open the Settings of your Xbox console and select All Settings.
    Open the Settings of Xbox
  2. Now open Network and select Advanced Settings.
    Open Network in the Xbox Settings
  3. Then select Manual and enter the primary/ secondary DNS server values as following:
    Google DNS
    Open Advanced Network Settings of Xbox
  4. Now save your changes and click Continue to check if the Xbox error 0x80048051 is cleared.
    Open Manual DNS Settings of Xbox

Clear the Xbox Cache

The Xbox console might show the error 0x80048051 if the cache of the Xbox is corrupt and clearing the Xbox cache may solve the problem. Before moving on, check if using auto-sign in on your Xbox solves the issue.

  1. Press/ hold the Power button of your Xbox console till the console is completely powered off (usually, around 10 seconds) and all its lights are off.
  2. Now unplug the console’s power cable from its back and the power socket.
  3. Then wait for one minute and plug back the power cable (to the back of the console and power socket).
  4. Now wait for one more minute and then power on the Xbox console to check if the error 0x80048051 is cleared. In the case of Xbox One (not the S or X series), you may have to wait till the white light of the console is turned orange.
    Wait Till the Xbox One Light is Orange

Remove Other Devices from the Network

The Xbox might show the error code 0x80048051 if another device on your network is hindering the operation of the Xbox (especially, if any of the devices has an application like SpyPro). In this context, disconnecting all other devices from the network may solve the problem.

  1. Power off your Xbox and disconnect all other devices from your network (either by unplugging their ethernet cables or switching off their Wi-Fi connections).
  2. Now power on your Xbox and check if the error 0x80048051 is cleared.

If so, then try to identify the problematic device by connecting the devices to the network one by one.

Reset Your Router to the Factory Defaults

Once in a while, it is not uncommon for a router’s firmware to become corrupt and this firmware corruption may lead to the error 0x80048051 on Xbox. In such cases, resetting (or restoring) the router to its defaults may solve the problem. Before moving on, make sure to back up the essential info and settings that will be required after resetting the router. Although the instructions for your router can be slightly different, the general guidelines are as under:

  1. Launch a web browser and steer to the admin portal of your router (something like
  2. Then, if asked to, log in using your credentials and expand the System tab.
  3. Now select Restore Defaults and then, in the right pane, click on Restore.
    Restore Your Router to Default Settings
  4. Then confirm to restore the router to its defaults and once completed, set up the router.
  5. Now connect your Xbox to the router (either wired or wireless) and then check if the Xbox is clear of the 0x80048051 error.

If you are finding it difficult to use the admin portal method, then you may try the reset button on the back of the router to reset it (some routers can also be reset by their power buttons).

Reset Your Router to the Defaults

If you are encountering the error 0x80048051 on the Xbox app, then performing the In-Place Upgrade (download the official ISO and launch its setup file as administrator) of your PC’s Windows may solve the problem.

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FIX: Error 0x80048051 on Xbox

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