Epic Revises Store Refund Policy To Stop Abusers

Launched last month, the Epic Games Store took the gaming industry by storm. Its generous revenue share policies quickly attracted many game developers. However, not all was sunshine and rainbows, as the store’s sketchy refund and privacy policies put off many users. Two days ago, Epic made a change to their refund policy, making it more like Steam’s.

Refund Policy

Prior to January 9th, Epic Store’s refund policy allowed users to request a refund “at any time, for any reason.” Refund requests made within 14 days of the purchase would qualify for a full refund. The revised version of the policy includes a new phrase stating, “However, you must have not played the game for more than 2 hours.” If this feels familiar, that’s because it is. Epic’s new refund policy is now very similar to Steam’s. Users are now able to obtain full refunds if they fulfill both criteria.

Unfortunately, it’s still not as convenient as Steam. Unlike Valve’s marketplace, the Epic Launcher does not allow users to see the ‘hours played’ statistic. This makes it slightly more difficult for users wanting a refund as exceeding 2 hours will make them ineligible for a full refund.

Like before, users will not be eligible for refunds if they violate a game’s terms of service. Users found to be abusing the policy will also be ineligible for refunds.

On the refund front, the Epic Store has now lost the edge over Steam. Although 14 days of unlimited playtime definitely doesn’t make sense, giving consumers more than 2 hours to test out the game would’ve been very appreciated. In terms of features, the software is still overpowered by Steam, but that could soon change. For a start, Epic should work towards implementing users reviews and improving their customer support.

To request a refund on the Epic Games Store, you can submit a refund request via the Launcher’s help page.

Farhan Ali
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