Epic Introduces its Own Payment Service to Deliver the ‘Mega drop’ Discount for Fortnite Players on Android and iOS

Is this the start of another controversy between Epic and Apple/Google?

Today, Epic Games announced a permanent discount on purchasing V-bucks and other payments within Fortnite. The “Mega Drop” offers up to 20% discount on the services, and it is the same for all compatible platforms. Epic games quickly pointed out that this a not a sale but a permanent reduction in the prices of the services.

Players playing on Console or PC can take advantage of the new prices right away, but for mobile gamers, things are a little different. Google and Apple charge a transaction fee for any transaction that happens through the applications hosted on their respective stores. The 30% transaction fee affects both players and the developers, and hence many companies (especially Epic Games and Spotify) have voiced their concerns regarding the unusually high cost.

One must note that these are only applicable when you pay via Google Play or Apple App store. Applications like Netflix, Uber, Foodpanda, etc., have their payment systems, and it is the reason why these applications do not charge extra from their customers on Android and iOS. However, both Apple and Google have a strict policy that any in-app purchase on games and music streaming services would be via their respective app stores.

Epic Games has introduced its payment service on Android and iOS, and only those players who choose to pay via their payment system would be eligible for the permanent decrease in price. It is a direct violation of the policies of both app stores. However, Epic Games maintains that they are giving players a choice and only transferring their reduced costs to the customers. It is not the first time when Epic decided to take a bold step for Fortnite. Epic Games decided to release Fortnite via their site on Android before finally deciding to release it via Play Store at the start of this year.

Direct payment option in Fortnite

Lastly, Epic says that both Google and Apple have acknowledged their payment services as safe and secure. It is only a matter of time before another controversy starts as both Apple and Google would want their share (justified or not) from the revenue earned by Epic via these third-party payment systems.

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Epic Introduces its Own Payment Service to Deliver the ‘Mega drop’ Discount for Fortnite Players on Android and iOS

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