Epic Games Store Makes World War Z Free For The Next Week

An amazing game from Saber Interactive, World War Z came out in 2019, last year. The title is quite praised, with 93 percent of Google users liking the game. Though that is not a proper benchmark, it is one to be noted. Anyway, in light of the current state of affairs around the world, with COVID-19, a lot of companies are making products free for a limited period of time. We saw this with WWE making a month of their subscription free. Netflix did this as well and many others. Similarly, Epic Games store has done its part during the pandemic as well.

According to an article from WCCFTECH, the Epic Games store has made World War Z free for the coming week. That’s not all, this limited-time offer means that if you get this title right now, you get to keep it in your library for good. No take-backs, if you would. They made a similar deal once before when the Batman Arkham games were made free on the Epic Games store as well. Additionally, the game is at a 75% discount on the Xbox Gold subscription as well.

Along with this news, the creators have added an update. While it contains a bunch of features, the main includes cross-platform play between PC and Xbox players. While they have announced it for the PS4 as well, no certain date has been mentioned.

New Features with The Update

Additionally, there are also other features such as The New Mission Objective, in which a virus sample canister has to be held by the player and brought back till the end of the mission. There are changes made to the Horde Mode Z as well. There is also an addition of the War Heroes DLC Skin Pack. According to the article, it is available for purchase on all platforms.

Sarmad Burki
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