Epic Games Store Privacy Policy Conflicts With EU GDPR Laws, Sketchy Refund Policies

Launched earlier this week during The Game Awards 2018, the Epic Games Store aims to take on Steam by offering numerous exclusive titles. The new game store’s revenue share policies gives developers 88% of the sales profit, which has already begun to attract games like Ashen and Hades. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, however, as digging into Epic Games Store’s privacy policy has unearthed some very worrying details, some of which do not conform with the GDPR laws.

Reddit users from r/pcgaming researched the privacy policy of the store and found that parts of it conflict with the GDPR laws implemented by the EU earlier this year. Several clauses of the text state that, by agreeing to privacy policy, you allow Epic Games to temporarily share your personal details with advertisers. While you can restrict Epic from sharing your personal information, you can only do so in “limited circumstances”. This goes directly against the GDPR laws, which call for increased privacy for consumers.

“If you are located in the EU or the Epic entities located in the EU process your personal information in the EU, then you have the right to restrict or object to our processing of your personal information. The right to restrict processing arises only in limited circumstances, for example, if you think we are processing inaccurate information. In addition, if we are required to restrict processing but the requirement is temporary, we may not be permanently obligated to adhere to your request.”

As if that wasn’t anti-consumer enough, getting a refund for a purchase made on the Epic Store is a big hassle. Before your request is processed, you will need to reply to an automated email with an unnecessary amount of information in order to prove account ownership.

Refund Request
Epic Refund Request

“We’re serious about player security, so if we’re unable to verify you own the account, we won’t be able to make any changes,” reads the automated email sent to ResetEra member astro.

The Epic Games Store is off to good start, but such anti-consumer practices will definitely raise issues for the platform, especially in the EU.

Farhan Ali
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