Epic Games Acquires 3D and AR Platform Sketchfab

The Fortnite developer and publisher has enveloped a new company under its wing, with most applications going towards its Unreal Engine.

Epic Games continues to show its dominance in the gaming and tech space as it acquired a new company under its wing. In a blog post from both parties, it’s announced that 3D and AR platform Sketchfab will now be part of Epic Games, joining the likes of Psyonix, creators of Rocket League, and Mediatonic, developer of Fall Guys. The acquisition is high-profile, and it is expected to be part of Epic Games’ campaign to bolster their Unreal Engine ventures.

3D, AR and VR content for Epic Games’ future

Sketchfab is best known for their 3D platform, in which users from across the world can upload and share their 3D models. Sketchfab also has their own marketplace for 3D models, allowing users to either buy or sell their models to the platform’s other users.

Key to this acquisition by Epic Games is Sketchfab’s integrations into many existing engines and systems, including Epic’s own Unreal Engine. Epic Games has big plans in the future for their Metaverse, a shared universe between many of their properties; a few years back, it has acquired Psyonix and Rocket League with that Metaverse in mind, hoping to have it play a part in their bigger universe which, right now, revolves around their biggest property Fortnite. Earlier this year, Epic also acquired Mediatonic and by default, Fall Guys, the hit battle royale game that first made waves on Steam on PC and the PS4; the bean-shaped characters are also expected to be part of this planned Metaverse.

Earlier this March, Epic Games also confirmed dipping their toes into photogrammetry with their acquisition of Capturing Reality, the developers behind RealityCapture. This program can create 3D models from numerous photographs, an aspect that is sure to be more useful with Sketchfab now also onboard their family.

Lowered fees + continued support

Addressing the same issues as with Rocket League and Fall Guys continuing to exist on rival PC gaming platform Steam, Epic Games has stated that their acquisition of Sketchfab will not disrupt the latter’s support for other engines. Unity and others will continue to see support from Sketchfab despite its possible first-party integration with Unreal, and the Sketchfab service as a whole will continue to operate as an independently branded service.

In addition, this new partnership has also resulted in two good offerings for existing and future Sketchfab users. Store fees on the Sketchfab storefront have been lowered to 12%, giving users more revenue when it comes to their 3D designs and models. The Sketchfab Plus plan features will also be made free, meaning that users can now take advantage of more uploads and larger file sizes at no more costs. To compensate the Plus users, they will be upgraded to the next level, which is the Pro plan, while also adding 20 more to their 30 monthly upload limit.

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