Enable Cloud Backup & Recovery For The Microsoft Authenticator App On Android

Microsoft is currently testing the cloud restore option for Windows 10 OS. It seems like the company is extending the functionality to other services as well. Now the Redmond giant has rolled out the cloud backup feature for the Android version of Microsoft Authenticator as well.

The feature was previously limited to iOS users only. The cloud back up option allows you to backup your account credentials on the cloud and recover when needed. At the moment, the feature only supports personal Microsoft accounts and it is not available for Office 365 accounts. Furthermore, you should be running the Microsoft Authenticator app version 6.6.0.

Backup and recovery feature is now available! Now, when you move to a new device, your Microsoft Authenticator app will keep your accounts, to help you avoid getting locked out or having to set up again.

Smartphone owners use Microsoft Authenticator for two-factor authentification. It helps you to verify login attempts directly from your smartphone. Furthermore, you can verify your identity through different options including PIN, face ID, fingerprint or more. Two-factor authentification basically adds an additional layer of security that saves your account from potential hacking attempts.

How To Turn On Cloud Backup For The Microsoft Authenticator App On Android?

If you want to enable the Cloud backup and recovery option on your Android application, you are required to manually turn it on. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your Android phone and tap Settings.
  2. You will see a toggle button titled Cloud backup under the Backup section. Turn it On.
    Microsoft Authenticator app
    Enable Cloud Backup
  3. The app will start encrypting your data as soon as you turn on the cloud backup option.
  4. Close the application once the app completes the cloud backup option.

Now whenever you want to recover your data on a new device, here are the steps that you need to follow:

    1. Open the application on the new device and use the credentials of your Microsoft account to Sign in.
    2. Tap the Begin Recovery button to recover your data from the cloud.
Microsoft Authenticator app
Begin Recovery

You can download the latest version of the Microsoft Authenticator app now from Microsoft Store.

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Enable Cloud Backup & Recovery For The Microsoft Authenticator App On Android

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