Elon Musk May Step Down as CEO Twitter Following Poll Results Not Going in His Favour

Following controversy over a rule prohibiting the promotion of accounts on competing platforms, Elon Musk held a Twitter poll asking people if he should stand down as CEO of the social media site, and he promised to respect the outcome. Over 5 million votes have been cast as of this writing, with 58 percent supporting the removal of Musk. Results should be available on Monday because the poll is scheduled to run for 12 hours.

It is fair to anticipate that Musk will soon step down from his position as CEO of Twitter because he has kept his promise with each of his prior polls. Despite facing criticism for his #TwitterFiles journalist ghosting his appeals for a public reaction, Musk may be prepared to temporarily sell his costly venture to someone else.

Musk didn’t address it in his tweets, but the current Twitter incident is undoubtedly clouded by the fact that Tesla’s stock has dropped below $150 per share, or about 50% less than it was a year ago. Musk also dropped to second place on Forbes‘ ranking of the world’s richest individuals. According to Reuters, KoGuan Leo, a self-described Musk fanatic and Tesla’s third-largest individual investor, tweeted earlier this week that Elon had “abandoned Tesla” and that the company need a new CEO.

During his tenure as the company’s owner, Musk has (largely) followed the polling data released to his own Twitter account, but the Musk Rules are subject to change. Additionally, he had earlier stated that “No major content decisions or account reinstatement” would take place without the formation of a content moderation committee, but then claimed that no longer applied since activist organizations had “broken the deal” with him.

Musk’s Twitter poll may be a show that satisfies his relentless need for drama, but it has no real purpose. Musk has already stated that he does not expect to serve as Twitter’s CEO indefinitely and that he intends to abdicate the position to a scapegoat charged with fixing his mistakes. Additionally, there is no indication of a deadline in the survey. Musk may pull the trigger whenever it suits him while saying he is humbly carrying out the will of the people if Twitter users vote for him to go.


Muhammad Zuhair

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