Elon Musk and Apple Discussed Starlink Satellite Integration for iPhone 14

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, announced earlier today that his business has been discussing with Cupertino, California-based Apple, Inc., about providing cellular connection on the iPhone using SpaceX’s Starlink services.

The much-anticipated satellite connection capability was finally added to the smartphone with Apple’s most recent iPhone model, which was announced yesterday. However, it was only intended for emergencies, as was to be expected.

Earlier today, Musk stated on his Twitter account that his business and Apple had discussed adding a Starlink connection to iPhone customers. He emphasised that compatibility of a smartphone’s hardware and software with satellite internet is necessary for any engagement. Musk also expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with the iPhone team in his tweet.

The news came after Starlink asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) permission to utilise the Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) spectrum to enhance connectivity for citizens and government organisations.

Last month, Musk’s service made headlines when it partnered with mobile carrier T-Mobile to eradicate cellular blind spots throughout the United States. The CEO characterised the effort as essential to providing lifesaving services to those in need and ensuring that additional connection alternatives are accessible to Americans.

SpaceX Chief Engineer Elon Musk and T-Mobile CEO and President Mike Sievert | Image: SpaceX

As the service extends its reach to different spectrums, Starlink is expanding to work with mobile firms. Its user terminals now beam data to and from satellites using higher frequency bands, but Musk’s agreement with T-Mobile suggested that it has moved to taking over lower frequency rounds.

It seems doubtful that Apple will make a statement or initially support Starlink on its products, given the company’s tendency to wait until a technology is far into its late development process. Apple will probably wait to switch to its best-selling device until after the early stage beta testing of T-Mobile’s alliance is concluded, which is expected to begin late next year.

It is encouraging to see Starlink trying to broaden its services to the mobile sector, regardless of the method. The average user will access fast internet speeds without worrying about “zero coverage” zones. For manufacturers, the integration would improve the overall performance of their products and provide them with a unique feature.


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