Electronic Arts Has Released The Official Gameplay Trailer For FIFA 22, Featuring Their Latest Hypermotion Capture Technology

The game is set to arrive on PC, consoles and the Google Stadia platform this October 1st.

EA is back with their yearly release for their most popular title, as the publisher has now released the first official gameplay trailer for FIFA 22. The trailer showcases the many new technologies long-time and new players can expect from the game, in particular a brand-new capture tech that is supposed to give FIFA 22 a more naturalistic feel. Check out the trailer below.

Hypermotion technology

The banner technology for FIFA 22 is called Hypermotion, which is powered by two aspects: advanced 11v11 match capture tech and machine learning. The former is a first for the series, as previously their motion-capture technology was reserved for only three players at a time. For FIFA 22, EA developed Hypermotion to capture a real-time football match in order to properly showcase and simulate what actually happens in real life, making the game much more realistic.

Machine learning was also developed to supplement the revolutionary capture tech, as it allows the game to draw from a smart algorithm that can write and implement new animations on the fly, making for a more organic experience overall.

Authentic motion, tactical AI, kinetic air battles and more

Electronic Arts also boasted that this brand-new Hypermotion technology will unlock more great aspects within the game, all designed to enhance the overall player experience. For one thing, 4000 new animations have been unlocked and implemented within the game, bringing the players on the field to life and increasing overall responsiveness during play. The tactical artificial intelligence has also been revamped, with attackers and defenders now more capable of more intricate plays and reactions to different kinds of situations.

Players should also expect more diverse situations within kinetic air battles, as it has also been reworked to showcase properly synced player animations. The players jostling to take control of the ball will involve more of the group around them, creating a nice simulation of what it actually feels like in a real football game. EA has also revamped the ball control animations, making the two-touch animations from chest to foot longer and more natural. This should help the players get a better feel for how the ball will handle from the first pass to whatever play you will do next.

FIFA 22 is now available for pre-orders on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Google Stadia and on PC via Origin and Steam.

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Electronic Arts Has Released The Official Gameplay Trailer For FIFA 22, Featuring Their Latest Hypermotion Capture Technology

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