Elden Ring Update Files Hint at an Arena-Based Expansion

Earlier this year, a data miner by the name of Lance McDonald was able to look inside a section of Elden Ring that is now unavailable and saw a magnificent colosseum there.

There has been talk of a possible PvP-focused expansion taking place within the gates of Caelid after seeing this first glimpse of From Software’s DLC plans. Since the initial release of Elden Ring in February, the devs have been mum on the subject of what comes next for that expansion. While the developers may be making discreet preparations, a recent update has provided more details regarding the colosseums.

New map files, assets, and textures appear to have been added to the game in the most recent patch, further suggesting that this area will play a significant role in upcoming content.

In addition, early this week, another Elden Ring data miner named Sekiro Dubi gained entry to one of these colosseums and discovered a Site of Grace, the in-game respawn points, further indicating that players were able to, or will be able to, explore the area. Additional improvements, such as a new hair, map files, and voice acting, are also mentioned. In addition, the leaker has posted a picture of a huge, flat gate in his tweet.

The main story and side quests in Elden Ring add up to dozens of playtime hours. The game’s map is enormous, and it features more stages and bosses than any previous FromSoftware title.

There have been rumours for some time that these colosseums might be included in a future Elden Ring multiplayer DLC. Fans will, however, have to wait till FromSoftware makes an official announcement about it before they may obtain any specifics. Whether these venues are standalone additions or part of a broader expansion pack to be used for both PvP and PvE encounters is still unknown.

Despite the fact that many gamers have already completed the game, the DLC may entice them to revisit the world of Elden Ring.


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