Editing Shelf Settings in the Moksha Desktop Environment

Moksha is the desktop environment used in Bodhi Linux, and it allows users to create additional shelves that function somewhat similarly to a dock. These shelves can be positioned wherever a user wants to put them, which actually makes them a bit more extensible than the docks that some people add in their distributions via a repository package download.

Since the Moksha desktop environment is tied to this distribution, little third party documentation exists for these sorts of tweaks. Fortunately, the configuration window used to create instances of shelves is extremely intuitive.

Adding Shelf Settings in Moksha

Launch the Shelf Settings control panel from the menu. This will open up a window that states you, more than likely, currently have only one configured shelf.

Click on the Add button, and then give your shelf a name. You can also just use the default name of Shelf #1 if you don’t mind it.

This will open up a Shelf Contents window that gives you a number of options that you can add to your new shelf. These contents are mostly the same things that are at the bottom as it is. However, this can be a useful way to add a gadget to a side or top screen panel. Add a pager, battery meter or the clock for a dock-like feel.

In fact, this is an excellent way to build a dock inside of the Moksha desktop environment without the need to download any additional dock software. Drag your new panel to any area of the screen.

Once you have it positioned correctly, close the Shelf Contents and Shelf Settings windows. While it’s customary inside of an OS X environment to have a dock positioned at the bottom of the screen, Moksha allows you to place your panel anywhere that you’d like.

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Editing Shelf Settings in the Moksha Desktop Environment

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