Edge Steps Back In The Browser Arena With a Chromium Base and Possible 32-bit support

Most PC enthusiasts think very little of Microsoft’s Edge browser. Personally, it’s the browser i use to download Google Chrome when i have a fresh install of windows. The story isn’t different elsewhere either, most PC users, normal and enthusiasts alike, agree that there are much better, faster, and generally more efficient browsers out there than edge.

To improve Edge’s reputation in the PC world and make it a viable option for users, Microsoft has created a new version of the browser that is based on Google’s chromium. It is essentially “lighter” than what the original Edge used to be. This should make it much faster and more responsive as a browser. Furthermore, the browser integrates google services and even features a night mode.

How To Get This New Browser

At this time, insider builds of the browser are available for Windows 10 (64-bit) in Microsoft Edge Canary and Microsoft Edge Dev flavors. The browser can only be downloaded from Microsoft’s website (here) at the moment. This build serves as a test of the browser on multiple different platforms and use case scenarios. Therefore, we recommend using it with a grain of salt as there may be a few bugs and issues. The preview build is set to launch and will be available for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Mac OS.

32-Bit Support

A user tried to download and install Edge’s insider build on a friend’s 32-bit Windows 10 machine. The user was faced with an error message stating that the PC “doesn’t meet hardware requirements” for the build. Upset, the user asked none other than the vice president of Microsoft corporate, Joe Belfiore, about the issue. He asked:

“Can you confirm the new Microsoft Edge doesn’t support 32-bit systems? Never been able to get that working on a friends PC “doesn’t meet hardware requirements”. And if so, does that mean Win10 as a whole is dropping 32-bit support soon”

To which Joe responded with:

“Yes—This is Temporarily true. The very first build we’re releasing is for windows 10 64-bit systems only. But don’t worry, this isn’t forever”

General Feedback

So far the users who have tried the new browser are enjoying the experience. They say that it is much quicker than the old edge and are actually preferring it to their conventional choices of browsers.

If all the song and praise is true then who knows, maybe you’ll be using Edge soon too.

Shahzeb Nasir
A Gaming and PC building Enthusiast here. I love working with computers and everything in the realm of tech