Edge Insider Builds Get Sign-in & Sync Support For Work And School Accounts

Microsoft has been working on many exciting features for Chromium Edge lately. One of the most demanded features included the ability to sync your settings. Today the Redmond giant has announced that the latest Microsoft Edge Insider Builds support sign-in and sync for Azure Active Directory school and work accounts. The change allows you to synchronize your browsing data and settings across multiple devices.

Once you sign in with your work or school account, all the settings would be synchronized across those devices that are logged with that account. Microsoft confirmed that the browser currently syncs passwords, favorites, form-fill data. However, the tech giant plans to extend this functionality to other attributes including open tabs, installed extensions, and browsing history.

The best part about this change is that you can manually enable or disable the attributes that you want to sync across devices. The synchronization ability has been implemented to provide a seamless experience to Microsoft Edge users.

Single sign-on across work or school sites

The recent Microsoft Edge Insider Build also brings Web Single Sign-On. Starting today, you won’t get any sign-in prompts on websites that support this functionality. Microsoft has eliminated the need to sign-in again and again across different services and sites. Microsoft’s Program Manager for Microsoft Edge, Avi Vaid explained in a blog post.

Once you’ve signed in to your organizational account in Microsoft Edge, we’ll use those credentials to authenticate you to websites and services that support Web Single Sign-On. This helps keep you productive by cutting down on unnecessary sign-in prompts on the web. When you access web content which is authenticated with your signed in account, Microsoft Edge will simply sign you in to the website you’re trying to access.

Sign in With Your Work/School Account On Microsoft Edge?

Those who are running Beta, Dev, and Canary channel can visit the sync settings page to enable the feature. Follow the below-mentioned steps to sign in with your organizational account.

  1. Go to the right side of your address bar and click the profile icon.
  2. Click the Sign In button, those who are already signed in with another account need to click the Add a profile option.
    Microsoft Edge Sign-in Sync
  3. Use the credentials of your work or school account to sign in to a new profile.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions or prompts to sync enable sync of your data.
  5. Go to the Edge settings and choose the attributes that you want to sync.

It is possible that you run into issues during the process. Microsoft recommends its users to visit the Feedback Hub to report their issues.

Alex Schoff
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