Microsoft New Chromium-Based Edge Browser Gets Its First Ever Security Patch Update

Within just a few days of releasing its Google Chromium-based Edge web browser, Microsoft has rolled out the first-ever security patch update for the same. After applying the update, the latest stable version of the new Edge web browser will be 79.0.309.68. Microsoft has urged all users of the new Edge browser to check for, download and apply the security update. Incidentally, the widespread or general distribution of the security update hasn’t begun through the Windows Update route.

Microsoft has adopted a security update that Google released for its own Chrome web browser. The security update, meant for all versions of the Chromium-based Edge browser, has been deployed to fix a ‘Critical’ security vulnerability. Additionally, the security patch update addresses ten security flaws classified as ‘High’.

Microsoft’s New Edge Browser Gets Its First-Ever Security Patch Update That Google Had Earlier Released For Chrome:

Microsoft recently released the first, stable release of its new Chromium-based Edge web-browser. The browser replaces the earlier variant of the Edge browser that worked on Microsoft’s own engine. The new browser relies on the Chromium engine that Google has developed.

The first-ever security patch update brings the recently launched stable version of the new Edge browser to build number 79.0.309.68. The update is recommended to all users of the browser. Incidentally, Microsoft’s security patch is near identical to the security update that Google released for Chrome 79.0.3945.130. Being based on the same core engine, it is a lot easier for Microsoft to adopt security and other feature updates that Google releases for its own Chrome browser, and deploy it for the Chromium-based Edge browser. Microsoft too helps improve Google’s browser.

In all, the new security patch update for the Edge browser addresses 11 security vulnerabilities. Only one of the security bugs is classified as ‘Critical’, while the rest have been classified as ‘High’ severity. Interestingly, in addition to fixing security flaws, the update also brings another important change. According to reports, Microsoft has been able to fix the problem that users worldwide have received a random language file from Edge instead of the one they wanted when they first installed the finished application. In other words, many users were reporting random language files being downloaded and installed instead of the one they specified.

Microsoft Chooses Direct Browser Update Route Instead Of Windows Update For Edge Browser?

To download and install the update, users of the new Edge browser will have to click Help and Feedback > About in the browser, and then update there or view the version number. The update is currently carried out via the direct settings in the browser window. Simply put, Microsoft has opted to deploy the security patch update through the browser itself, instead of Windows Update.

It is peculiar to note that Microsoft hasn’t opted for the Windows Update route to deploy the first-ever security patch update for the Chromium-based Edge browser. Microsoft has routinely indicated that the new Edge can be controlled as part of the operating system via the automatic update function, and in the settings via Windows Update.

Simply put, Microsoft has always positioned or categorized the new Edge browser as an integral component of the Windows 10 OS ecosystem, as against being a standalone app. There have been a few software-based developments that correlate to the company’s intentions. Incidentally, once installed, users cannot remove the new Edge browser from their systems. The Cortana virtual assistant, on the other hand, can be installed as a standalone app.

Microsoft will gradually but surely replace all previous installations of the old Edge browser, which was based on the proprietary EdgeHTML, with the new Chromium-based variant on Windows 10 machines. The change will take place automatically. However, users who wish to accelerate the change can manually install the new browser. The new Edge web browser is currently available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 as well as for iOS, macOS, and Android. Interestingly, the browser could soon become universally available as Microsoft is actively developing the Edge browser for Linux for Windows 10 for ARM (Windows-On-ARM or WoA) as well.

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Microsoft New Chromium-Based Edge Browser Gets Its First Ever Security Patch Update

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