Earthfall’s Inferno Update Adds a New Level Set Inside a Forest Fire

Earlier this year in July, developer Holospark released their post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter, Earthfall. One month after launch, the game has received its biggest content update yet. The Inferno content update is available now for free and adds a new weapon, multiple weapon skins, and a brand new level.


The first of three free content updates scheduled for Earthfall, Inferno adds a new level set in a forest fire. With fire-based aliens approaching from all sides, players now have access to a new weapon, the xP9D Compact SMG. The Inferno level also features new enemies called the Fire Spitter and Fire Sapper. These unique aliens have the ability to spit burning projectiles to inflict damage at range.

“Inferno is the first update in a three-month content roadmap we’ve shared with our fans,” says Collin Moore of Holospark. “We’ve listened closely to player feedback and we’ve included two features, the Inferno mission and the Compact SMG, that were directly requested by fans into this update, along with a group of requested quality-of-life updates and other bug fixes.”

New cosmetics in the form of fire-themed skins for multiple weapons have been added:

Fire Weapon Skins

Aside from the new additions, Earthfall’s latest update also brings a significant number of quality of life improvements to the game. According to the Inferno update announcement post, the developers altered drone hit reactions in order to make them “look and feel more grounded.” This update also contains a large number of bug fixes, improvements and other minor additions such as the addition of an AFK timer to the player lobby. For the full list of detailed patch notes, check out the official steam community post.

With the first major content update dropped, Holospark promises two new similar content updates for Earthfall. The “Militia” and “Invasion” content updates are scheduled to be released for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

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