Fastest way to Earn Trophies in COD: MW2 Trophy Hunt

If you want to redeem prizes in the Trophy Hunt event in MW2/WZ2/DMZ, you’ll need collectible items called “Trophies”. These Trophies will act as currency in the Trophy Hunt store, allowing you to redeem all sorts of valuable prizes, such as Calling Cards, Battle Pass Tier Skips, Weapon Skins, Stickers, etc.

How to farm Trophies in MW2 WZ2
How to farm Trophies in MW2/WZ2

If you’re looking to redeem some of the best prizes in the Trophy Hunt store, you’ll need to be able to farm loads of trophies very quickly. To teach you how to do that, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be showing you the fastest ways to get Trophies in MW2/WZ2/DMZ.

How to Get Trophies in MW2/WZ2/DMZ?

To obtain trophies in MW2/WZ2/DMZ, you simply just need to kill enemies. It sounds very easy on paper, but there’s a bit more detail to it. The first thing to note is that when you kill an enemy, they’ll drop one or more large coins with a gold skull on them. This coin is the Trophy, and you have to pick it up to actually save it in your inventory. If the coin is not picked up within sixty seconds, it despawns. 

Each of the three game modes has different rules for Trophy Hunting, so let’s dive into how Trophies are earned in each game mode.

How to earn Trophies in each Game Mode
How to earn Trophies in each Game Mode

MW2 Multiplayer

You obtain a Trophy for each unique enemy you kill. This means that an enemy only drops a single Trophy per match. Therefore, you cannot keep killing the same enemy to farm a large number of Trophies.

There’s also a limit to how many Trophies can be collected in a single match, which depends on the game mode being played. For example, you can get a maximum of 10 Trophies in Search and Destroy. This applies to all game modes within MW2 Multiplier. 

Furthermore, you must play through the entire match to actually receive the Trophies. If you collect a bunch of trophies but quit the match instead of completing it, you will not receive the Trophies. 

Warzone 2

Trophies can be obtained from both Operators and Agents, but they can also be found in loot. To receive the Trophies, you have to either win the match (with your Trophies present in your inventory) or upload the Trophies at a Trophy Upload Station. 

To find a Trophy Upload Station, simply open your map and look for a skull icon with a ’03’ under it. Note that If you die without saving the Trophies at a Trophy Upload Station, you will not receive any Trophies at the end of the match. 

And just like MW2 Multiplayer, there’s also a limit to how many Trophies can be collected in a single Warzone match, which depends on the game mode that you choose. 


Same rules as Warzone 2, but you either have to extract from the map or upload the Trophies at a Trophy Station to save them. 

Fastest Ways to Get Trophies in MW2/WZ2/DMZ

Now that you know how Trophies work and how you can get them, let’s talk about the fastest ways to farm Trophies in the game. The methods below will allow you to fill up your Trophy Bank quickly and without any real effort.

Play Gunfight (Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer) 

If you want to grind Trophies in MW2, the best game mode to play is Gunfight. The reason it’s better than other game modes is that it finishes very quickly.

It’s recommended to play Gunfight with your friends, as this will allow you to ensure that the game isn’t needlessly drawn out by a teammate that’s struggling to get kills. 

You can only get a maximum of 6 Trophies per Gunfight. However, since the game won’t be too long, you can just keep completing Gunfights until you get the amount of Trophies that you desire. 

But keep in mind that if you leave the match without finishing it, all your Trophies will go away. You’ll have to complete every Gunfight to obtain the Trophies that you dropped from it.

Play Resurgence (Warzone 2)

Resurgence is another great way to farm Trophies in Warzone 2. Once you’ve loaded into a (preferably solo)  game and are airborne, open your map and look for the icon of the Trophy Upload Station. It looks like a skull with the number ’03’ written underneath it. 

Farming Trophies in this way requires a lot of skill, speed, and focus. As soon as you land on the ground, pick up a weapon as soon as you possibly can and eliminate all the other players in the area.

Once you’re certain that the coast is clear, immediately deposit the Trophies into the Trophy Upload Station to save them. This last step is very important because the Trophies are deleted from your inventory if you die without uploading them. 

In the Resurgence game mode, you can farm up to a maximum of 8 Trophies. Once you’ve saved the maximum number of Trophies, you should die on purpose so that you don’t have to play through the rest of the match. Even if you die, your banked Trophies will remain saved. In this way, you can easily farm dozens of Trophies in no time.

Play Building 21 (DMZ) 

Building 21 is one of the three deployment locations in the DMZ game mode. Its difficulty level is rated as HARD, and it’s only available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and you need to have a Building 21 Access Keycard to enter the game mode. Therefore, you cannot grind Trophies using this method daily.

However, on those three days where Building 21 is available, you can farm all the Trophies that you possibly need. 

To farm Trophies in this game mode, you just need to load into the map, kill as many people as you can and collect their coins, and then deposit the coins at the Upload Station. The Upload Station of Building 21 is directly at the center of the map, so it’s very easy to find. 

But in most cases, you won’t even need to go to the Upload Station, because once you’re done farming the coins, you’ll be able to extract from the map. Currently, this is the fastest way to farm trophies/coins in the game, as you can farm 12 coins in only 5 minutes; and if you have an Access Keycard, you can play this game mode repeatedly. 


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Fastest way to Earn Trophies in COD: MW2 Trophy Hunt

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