EA Wants PlayStation 4 Anthem Players’ Help in Fixing Full System Crashes

Anthem, Bioware’s multiplayer action role-playing game, launched last month. Less than two weeks since then, PlayStation 4 users players began reporting full system crashes. Normally, this wouldn’t be that problematic. However, players claimed that the crashes were “bricking” the consoles. The issue very quickly caught a lot of attention, and EA has finally responded to the complaints.

To figure out the cause of the crashes, EA has requested PlayStation 4 Anthem players to share their crash reports. Players can further assist in resolving the issue by responding to this EA Answers post with details.

“We are currently in process of gathering information about the PS4 issues so we can determine the root cause,” says EA in yesterday’s post.Since then, dozens of users have responded with information which will hopefully help EA in fixing the crashes.

On the other hand, players put off by the crashes are filing for refunds. As reported by Variety, contacting Sony via the official support chat and simply explaining the situation is enough to get yourself a refund. However, it seems that some players are luckier than others. For some users, acquiring a refund was a walk in the park, but others are reportedly having their refund requests denied.

Temporary Fix

According to user reports, the crashes seem to corrupt the affected console’s data. In reality, the crashes simply render the data inaccessible. While EA works to solve the problem, players have shared a temporary solution. One Reddittor explains that the crashes do not actually brick the console, and the resulting ‘brick’ can solved in two steps. This can be done by booting the PlayStation into “Safe Mode” and selecting “Rebuilt Database”.

Upon release, Anthem was struggling to live to the hype. Barely a month after launch, the game’s reputation is now being dragged through the mud thanks to the crashes on PlayStation 4. Hopefully EA and Bioware are able to fix the issue before the situation worsens.

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EA Wants PlayStation 4 Anthem Players’ Help in Fixing Full System Crashes

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