EA Cancelled a Plants vs. Zombies Game to Pursue a Star Wars Title, Which It Later Cancelled As Well

At the beginning of this year, Electronic Arts decided to shelve a Plants vs. Zombies spin-off in favour of a Star Wars video game, which the company ultimately also decided to scrap. The information came to light thanks to the employees of the franchise. The workers were taken aback by the announcement, as, in their estimations, there had been no big problems discovered throughout the development stage.

Project Hot Tub was the codename for the cancelled Plants vs. Zombies project. The game would have given fans a different angle to look at, while also incorporating features from previous titles.

The new Plants vs. Zombies game will feature the familiar gameplay and aesthetic elements that fans of the franchise have come to expect from the series, but it will place a greater emphasis on an emotionally engaging narrative that provides a more designed depiction of the characters’ relationships with their families.
It was regarded as a step forward for EA because they did not have any single-player games that were suitable for families.

Development began in 2015, and developers were given the opportunity to test out EA’s Frostbite engine on an exciting new title of their choice. This led to the birth of Project Hot Tub.
The game was supposed to be released in 2017, but that project was scrapped off before it reached its final stages.

Project Hot Tub was later dropped in favour of Visceral’s Star Wars project. However, not long after, the Star Wars game was cancelled as well. 

The development team was taken entirely by surprise when Project Hot Tub was discontinued because there were no issues identified in any stage of the game’s development right up until the time that it was cancelled. There were no issues like lack of funds, still employees weren’t notified earlier and hence the amazement.

More details are yet to come out, we will keep you updated once more news breaks out.

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