EA Implements Reorganization, Divides into EA Entertainment and EA Sports

In a recent announcement, Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson shared the company’s strategic plans for the future. To harness the opportunities presented by the growing player base, EA has decided to split its studios into two distinct organizations; EA Entertainment and EA Sports.

The first, EA Entertainment, will focus on the development of owned and licensed intellectual properties (IP). This division will build upon the company’s legendary franchises while exploring innovative new experiences to drive future growth. Laura Miele has been appointed as the President of EA Entertainment, Technology & Central Development. Her extensive experience in leading creative teams and delivering business results makes her an excellent choice to guide the studios under the EA Entertainment umbrella.

Within EA Entertainment, Vince Zampella will lead the studios responsible for renowned titles such as Apex Legends, Star Wars games, and Battlefield. Samantha Ryan, on the other hand, will continue to spearhead the creation of lifestyle franchises and blockbuster single-player experiences.

Jeff Karp will remain in charge of the mobile division, which is positioned for significant growth on the world’s largest platform. Under Karp’s leadership, the team will collaborate with franchise leaders to expand on the success of titles like FIFA Mobile and create connected ecosystems for players.

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The second organization, EA Sports, houses some of the most valuable sports properties in the gaming industry. Boasting a vast portfolio of intellectual properties and a global fan base, EA Sports aims to enhance its growth plans under the guidance of Cam Weber, the newly appointed President of EA Sports.

Weber’s leadership skills and strategic vision will further solidify EA Sports’ position as the leader in sports fandom, with plans to build connected multi-platform ecosystems for franchises such as EA Sports FC and American football titles.

Recognizing the evolving nature of the gaming industry, EA is also establishing an EA Experiences team led by the newly appointed EVP and Chief Experiences Officer, David Tinson. This team will focus on developing and scaling services and capabilities across various departments to inspire, engage, and connect fans. Tinson’s emphasis on culture-defining storytelling and experiences will help amplify the power of EA’s communities both within and beyond the games.

The recent announcement also included the retirement of Chris Bruzzo, who played a crucial role in spearheading global player campaigns and championing positive play, inclusion, and accessibility. Additionally, Chris Suh has decided to pursue a new opportunity outside the company.

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Stuart Canfield, an experienced finance and operational leader, has been appointed as EA’s new EVP and Chief Financial Officer, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support the company’s growth trajectory.

Over the coming months, the newly appointed executives, in collaboration with studio leaders, will work closely to implement these organizational changes, integrating dedicated capabilities into franchise teams and ensuring operational excellence. By realigning the company’s structure, EA aims to empower its creative teams, drive growth, and deliver long-term value to its employees, players, and communities.

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Source: Electronic Arts (EA)


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