Argentina Wins the 2022 World Cup, EA Sports Gets it Right 4th Time in A Row

The fact that EA has accurately predicted the winners of the FIFA World Cup for the past thirteen years can make you think they’ve stepped into a time machine. The prediction they made this time around was also the right one, as Argentina went on to win their third World Cup all in all.

It’s hard to believe that four consecutive predictions in thirteen years were just a fluke, thus, it seems like data analytics have clearly made its way into sports and might very well shape the future of professional athletics. FIFA 23‘s World Cup Kick-Off and Competition modes, which were launched before the tournament, used the game’s specific World Cup rankings to correctly predict Argentina as the champion.

Image: EA Sports

In 2018, EA predicted France would win the tournament, and they were right. In 2014, EA said Germany would win, and they were right about that, too. In addition, it predicted accurately in 2010 that Spain would win the World Cup for the very first time in their nation’s history.

Tell us what you think of EA’s remarkably accurate predictions, and whether you believe it was the result of data analysis or simply that they got lucky for the fourth time.


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