e-Scooter Service Provider, Wind Mobility Raises 22$M For Europe Expansion, Pedestrians Might Not Be Thrilled

e-Scooters have been around for quite some time and despite the fact that it has got negative reception from the people, it seems like that the companies offering the service are witnessing good growth. As Tech Crunch reports, “Berlin-based mobility startup that offers “dockless” e-scooter (and electric bicycle) rentals, has raised $22 million in seed funding, throwing its hat into the European competitor to Bird and Lime ring.

While the investment does sound pretty big, it isn’t something new given that Sweden’s VOI, and Germany’s Tier raised 50$ million and €25 million respectively recently. Given that Taxify is entering the e-Scooter service as well, all these developments lead us to the fact that the companies offering the said service are witnessing pretty good growth.

Wind Mobility, claims that the investment will help them develop its e-scooters and expand globally since they operate in Spain, France, and the U.S., and Germany only as of now. Eric Wang, CEO of Wind Mobility further reveals how the first proprietary model of electric scooters is being designed for sharing. He says, “Currently, almost all the scooters on the market are from Ninebot, which is designed for personal use rather than sharing. Our own scooters are specifically designed for sharing: longer battery range, swappable battery, more capability to climb hills, sturdy and more fit for sharing. We can also tailor our scooters to the requirement of certain cities. This gives us an edge in continuing to adopt to customer needs and regulatory requirements.

Wind Mobility has a number of features supporting its rental service unlike other brands out there. The IoT technology and “communication module” is one of them, which allows the users to control certain functionality of its scooters remotely. Apart from features like turning on the flash via the app in order to assist users to find the scooter in the dark, Wangs further states that “We can change the speed limit of the fleet in each city or certain scooters via our servers. We also limit the speed to zero via the communication module once a scooter is taken outside of the operating area”.

The e-Scooter industry is getting pretty big, but it has been a point of concern for the pedestrians in the street. Older people, in particular, have reported that these e-Scooters have made it pretty dangerous for them to traverse along the streets as the users drive pretty riskily at times.

To what seems like a measure to address this concern of the pedestrians, Wind says it will be working in co-operation with local governments,  to solve mobility problems and reduce congestion in urban areas. Wang adds, “The scooter market in Europe is still relatively new. The bigger competition is still to convert more users from using cars to using scooters along with public transportation. We are at the forefront of this transformation. We look forward to working with cities and authorities to serve this growing demand”.

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e-Scooter Service Provider, Wind Mobility Raises 22$M For Europe Expansion, Pedestrians Might Not Be Thrilled

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