How to email pictures from iPad or iPhone

E-mail A Single OR Multiple Photos From Your iPhone and iPad

E-mailing a picture/photo from an iPad or iPhone is pretty much the same in both the devices, except for the size of the tablets which results in a different view. Generally, there are two methods i will walk you through in this guide. However, for both the methods to work it is important to have an e-mail already setup, if you do not have an e-mail setup

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Method 1: Attaching Photos To E-mail

Method 1 is limited and it will only allow you to send no more then 5 Photos.

1. Open the Photos app by tapping the Photos icon on your iPhone/iPad’s screen.


2. Tap the album containing the pictures  you wish to mail.

Camera Roll

3. Tap Select.


4. Tap 5 photos you wish to  mail, no more then 5. If you select more then 5 then Mail option will disappear.

5. Tap the  up arrow and select Mail.


6. You will now be taken to the Mail app with the compose view open, type the e-mail address, the subject in the To and Subject fields and tap Send.


Method 2: Copying and Pasting Photos To  E-mail

With Method 2 you can attach multiple pictures without issues or paying for any apps.

1. Open the Photos app and chose your Album.

2. Tap Edit and select photos you wish to Copy.

3. Tap the up arrow at the bottom and tap  Copy.

4. Go to Mail from the Home Screen.

5. Tap the Pen symbol to get into the compose-view.

6. Type the recipients address and the subject.

7.  Then, the area where you write the message Tap twice and tap Paste

8. This will attach all photos you  copied to the message.

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How to email pictures from iPad or iPhone

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