Dynamic sandbox MMO Fractured receives housing update ahead of release

Dynamight Studios, an Italian based video game startup, has been working on an upcoming MMO game Fractured. The game is described as the “first open-world sandbox MMO-ARPG.” As the kickstarter campaign of the game approaches its end, the developers have updated the game with a lot of new content. The kickstarter campaign has almost reached its goal of $117,289 dollars and will close on 25th July.

Let’s get into what this update has to offer. The map of the game is divided into four zones: Town area, Neutral area, Free area and Claimed area. The Town area is home to a handful of NPC towns that exist on each planet. Building inside a town area is restricted for players, except the governor of that town. A governor controls essentially all aspects of a town, ranging from shaping the layout of the town to managing the its militia. A governor for a town is elected via democratic elections, and can be forcibly removed through a town conquest if need be.

In Free areas, players can build their homes without any restrictions. Building a home converts the surrounding land into a Claimed area, restricting others from building there. However, there remains the risk of players entering the claimed lot as it lacks protection when compared to a protected town. Claimed areas require regular maintenance to prevent the house from decaying. Owners, co-owners and carpenter NPCs can perform the maintenance. Lastly, neutral areas are parts of the map where all kinds of player buildings are forbidden.

If you want to know more, this post explains the political and town system of Fractured in detail. Fractured MMO will be entering a pre-alpha testing phase soon. Those who are interested can register a free account here to receive updates regarding the status of the game. Signing up will give you the chance to receive a pre-alpha key, which currently has over 35,000 registered users.



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Dynamic sandbox MMO Fractured receives housing update ahead of release

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