iOS 17 Rumored to Introduce Dynamic Island Software Support for Older iPhones

After the release of iPhone 14 Pro series last year, a lot of fans have been waiting on whether or not the previous iPhone models will get the same smooth, software features that the newer models receive. Well, it seems as if Apple will be adding support for Dynamic Island in the upcoming iOS 17, although, it doesn’t make any sense.

According to insider, Apple Intro, older iPhones will be getting the same animations as the newest Pro models. One of the main selling points of this series was the Dynamic Island, that allowed Apple to implement some cool new features in the software, that made the ‘pill’ cutout feel a lot more exciting than it otherwise would have been.

But, when it comes to adding this functionality top older models, it seems as if Apple will be forgetting the basics of why it was actually successful. See, the main reason these animations looked so stunning was due to their seamless integration inside the pill cutout. However, the older models don’t have those, and as a result, all you’re going to get is a notification pop up on your screen.

Recently, Shazam has implemented a similar feature, that is getting a lot of users excited, but, for some reason, it still feels gimmicky. Take a look down below.

Shazam’s new iOS 17 animation on older iPhones | @rmxptfl via Twitter

With iOS 17, we have seen a lot of new features for the older models, including a ‘StandBy’ mode, which is essentially giving the older iPhones somewhat of an AOD functionality. For the Dynamic Island software support, none of it has been officially announced, or confirmed, so it is important to take this news with a grain of salt.


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