Dying Light 2 Devs Looking to Bring Mods to PC

On their official Discord channel, Techland published a community Q&A with Dying Light 2 lead Tymon Smektaa yesterday evening. Future updates and expansions to the game were covered in great detail, starting with the confirmation that PC mod tools are on the way.

We are actively working on adding developer tools to the PC version of the game as well as looking for ways to deliver the mods created on PC to console players. I think that DL1 is a great reference to what is possible. But again, I don’t want to say anything too early, but when we’re ready, you will hear about it!

Smektaa also discussed other widely desired additions, such as firearms and PvP, all of which are absent from Dying Light 2 compared to its predecessor.

Bloody Ties will support single player and online coop modes. However, we believe that we can offer so much more with the arena format. It all depends on how you guys will respond to it. I can imagine more and more events and modes being added to the Carnage Hall at a later date.

Unofficially, the Bloody Ties DLC was discovered via a data mining project back in July. Later in August, a small teaser trailer for the add-on was released. Techland first made the public aware of Bloody Ties during Gamescom 2022’s Opening Night Live event. Although the business has marketed the next DLC as story-focused, early screenshots of the update more closely resemble gladiatorial arena fighting, leading some players to wonder if a new game mode has been added.

dying light 2 dlc
Dying Light 2 is set to return with a new story DLC but unfortunately, it’s been delayed. | Dying Light 2

The DLC would be released on November 10th after Techland announced a delay from the initial debut date of October 13th. In addition, Smektaa said that Techland intends to upgrade Dying Light 2 in the future to include Legend levels, stats, X-Ray vision, and additional animations. Cross-platform play, which he saw as a complex technological challenge, was something he couldn’t commit to.

Discussions between Dying Light 2’s creators and the PC Mod Tool’s prospective inclusion may offer new possibilities for gamers interested in game modification. It is encouraging to see Techland sympathetic to this idea, given that corporations like Rockstar are attempting to stop the modding heritage. We must wait until we can see how the mod tool is implemented into the game.

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