DualSense’s Adaptive Triggers Feature has a Knock-on effect on the Xbox Controllers

Impulsive Triggers are back

Arguably the most next-gen feature in the PlayStation 5 console other than its super-fast SSD is the DualSense controller. The Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers have made it the most compelling feature of the console. The controller even received praises from the Xbox Head Phil Spencer.

Even the third-part titles like the Cod Black Ops Cold War use Adaptive Triggers differently on different guns. Sony’s push on these exclusive DualSense features has a knock-on effect on the Xbox controllers. Back in 2013, when Microsoft announced the Xbox controller, it revealed a feature called “Impulsive Triggers.” The controllers have two vibration motors in the triggers, which can be programmed by the developers to offer vibrations depending upon the situation on screen. The feature is quite simple compared to the Adaptive Triggers; nonetheless, it’s there for the developers to use.

Most third-party developers ignored the feature; even Microsoft’s in-house developers largely ignored it. Only the Forza series employed it, which made a huge difference. Now, Sony’s push towards adding Adaptive Triggers has made studios to use Impulsive Triggers for the Xbox Controllers as well.

Those who own Dirt 5, Gears Tactics, and Tetris Effect: Connected can confirm that these games do employ Impulsive Triggers. According to Techradar, more studios will start using the forgotten feature in the upcoming title. On the other hand, there is a possibility that Microsoft ends up introducing a feature similar to the Adaptive Triggers in its controllers. It would definitely help developers streamline the production process, which would be beneficial for the whole gaming community.


Mohsin Naeem

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