This Dual-Slot RTX 4090 Comes With a Blower Design

As many would probably know, the RTX 4090 requires a beefy cooling design. Many AIBs have stepped up to this challenge and never created before-seen designs. However, a blower-style RTX 4090 is up for sale somewhere in the Chinese market. You read that correctly, the RTX 4090 is now available with a blower-style cooling design. A blast from the past, eh?

RTX 4090 Blower Fan Design

Over at Goofish, a never before seen variant of the RTX 4090 is up for purchase. While not mentioned, the card is approximately just 2-slots wide. This is quite interesting because we’re looking at an RTX 4090 here. That should probably be enough to raise some eyebrows.

RTX 4090 Blower Design | Goofish

This GPU costs 15000RMB which is approximately $2150. That’s quite high for such a variant. In addition, we all probably know how this design will perform in thermals. The card features a 450W TDP and a single 16-pin power connector. The design is quite reminiscent of older GPUs. While not the best for thermals, blower style GPUs were quite common a while back. Though, such a design will probably not suffice for now.

RTX 4090

The RTX 4090 is built on the AD102 GPU, which is unparalleled in terms of performance, however it’s not the full-fat version of the chip. NVIDIA is saving that for later. Regardless, the GPU features a massive 24GB of Samsung-made GDDR6X memory running at 24Gbps, amounting up to an effective bandwidth of 1152GB/s across a 384-bit bus.

Packed with 16384 CUDA Cores, this powerhouse has 75 billion transistors in total, more than 2.5x than the RTX 3090 Ti.

All this power does come at the cost of, well, power. The RTX 4090 has a TDP of 450W and will require at least a 850W power supply to boot.


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