Doom Can Now Be Played on Microsoft Notepad at 60 FPS

Game developer Sam Chiet has found another use for Microsoft Notepad. The talented creator has gotten Doom (1993) to run at 60 FPS through the boring text editor in Windows. 

Chiet emphasised that he didn’t need to change the Notepad programme. The project, known as “NotepadDOOM,” is entirely playable. Chiet promised to provide NotepadDOOM for other Doom enthusiasts to try out despite not explaining how the mod functions.

It will take some work to polish NotepadDOOM into something publicly released, but it’ll most likely happen within the next few days, Chiet stated in a following tweet:

One of the designers of Doom, John Romero, expressed his admiration for the mod in a tweet to Chiet, writing that it was “incredible.”

The 1993 first-person shooter Doom was created by id Software on the now-outdated MS-DOS operating system. Since its introduction about 30 years ago, computers, video games, and graphics have substantially advanced, so this vintage game doesn’t require much to function by today’s standards.

Nearly 30 years after the game’s first release, it now joins the long list of peculiar ways to play Doom thanks to someone recently making the game playable in, well, Doom. Before actually playing Doom within Doom on a PC, YouTube user kgsws posted a video of himself customising the game.

This has led to the continuous fad of getting Doom to run on oddball devices, with tech-savvy chaos gremlins managing to get it to run on everything from a MacBook Pro Touch Bar to a NordicTrack treadmill to a John Deere tractor to a digital pregnancy test. Even Doom has been modified to run on a Minecraft PC.

The vast, strange list of things that run Doom can now include Windows Notepad. The question of whether anyone’s eyes can decipher the ASCII art long enough to complete the game, however, remains.


Muhammad Zuhair

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